Where Are the Bible Baby Names?


Bible baby names are at once difficult to find in the scripts, and at the same time easy if you know where to look. For if you are a bit unfamiliar with the books of the bible, it can seem daunting due to the fact that the bible is a big book; with various meanings and messages. Where to start first? Old or New Testament? The prophets or the poets? The apostles or the scribes?

Bible names are through the entire book. And all bible names can be used as baby names I suppose — because all of the bible people were babies at one point, right? The exception is God; it would be hard to name someone God, or a particular name for God. But Jesus (the proclaimed God-man) was once a baby, and many have named their sons, "Jesus."

But there are heavy concentration of names in two specific places in scripture. The first book of the bible is called "Genesis", or the book of beginnings. In this book, we find out about many beginnings —- like the creation of the world, the first family, the first sin, and the first rain. In the middle of these pages, the first clans, tribes, appear. In chapter 5 of Genesis we have a genealogy of the first created man; Adam. The name "Noah" is first found here. Later, in chapters 10 and 11, other genealogies (or "generations") appear which have many interesting names —- sometimes with meanings right in the text. Chapter 30 is where we find the famous twelve sons of Jacob, along with their mothers' names and other family members. In chapter 46, we find the same twelve sons going into Egypt with their sons and daughters, producing more bible names in one location.

The second concentration of names is in a place that's teeming with bible names: the first book of the Chronicles. This book talks about the well-known stories about David, Samuel, and Solomon. But in the first eight chapters of this book, there are massive depths of genealogies that record Jewish history from the beginning of time to the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish nation. So, most of the names in these chapters will be of semitic origin, because that's the area of ​​history being described here. In this section of the Old Testament you will find plenty of names to choose from if you are indeed looking for bible baby names.


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