What's in a Baby's Name? How to Choose


For many expecting parents, deciding on baby names is as easy as picking a favorite grandparent. When you're going up against names like Suri and Shiloh, though, you have to be more creative if you can not be personal. You will not be short on suggestions online, but the confusion of names and meanings can just as well frustrate as enlighten. It's better if your choices are guided by factors you can refer to, instead of picking a name just because it's meaningful and has a nice ring to it. In case you've yet to sort through all the names you're considering for that sweet thing you're carrying in your baby bump, here are a few tips that'll help you narrow down your list.

Heirloom Names Are Still In

Grandpa and grandma names are cool and all that, so long as you ensure your baby will not mind being called Ebenezer when he grows up. Some of the best grandparent names are contemporary yet warm, though, such as Dorothy or Agnes or Charles. In the end, it's still your choice, but it's best if you choose a grandparent with an involved role in your life as a couple. Naming a child after a great grandparent looks like too much of a stretch, but you'll still have a valid reason if names are considered heirlooms in your family.

Celebrity Names for Your Baby Bump

You can not go wrong with celebrity names, especially if you're already considering uncommon names like Astrid or Galford. Market-test your prospective names, by considering the public's reaction towards celebrity babies. If TomKat got away with Suri and Brangelina clicked with Shiloh, then what's to stop you from naming your baby after Greek, Roman mythology characters like Paris or Dido? There's a point when your choices go beyond discretion, though. Some names are considered off limits for their political, religious, and historical undertones. Choose a discrete name and save your baby from the embargo.

Unisex Names Work like a Charm

Many parents still prefer to be surprised when it comes to learning their baby's gender, and it's only fitting if you choose names appropriate for both sexes. Alex and Taylor always come to mind, as well as Jordan, Dakota, and Cameron. Beside, you can always switch to gender-specific names when the time comes, or you can schedule a checkup and have the gender determined as soon as possible. Baby names and meanings do not have to be existential and deep; just choose a name you would've chosen for yourself if you had your way. That's as good a place to start if you feel yourself overwhelmed with family pressure and the multiple of choices available to you.


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