What Makes a Personalized Blanket So Snuggly and Durable?


Remember going to grandma's house and racing to the couch to grab the soft, warm, huggable blanket she always had there? Whoever lost that race ended up watching TV under a scratchy, stiff, mothball blanket pulled from her closet.

Beside learning how to out-maneuver your brother or sister through Grandma's front door, what did you learn? The right blanket makes all the difference. So why was one such a pleasure to spend a Saturday afternoon under, while the other often ended up scrunched up as a pillow on the floor? It really starts before a blanket is ever a blanket. Let me explain.

It's Not Just For Show

Many people think a personalized blanket, the ones that have your amazing photo or artwork woven right into them, are just for show, and not really for snuggling. Sometimes that can be true, and I've found it all depends on where you get them and how they are made. First, let's talk about how they are made.

Today, most blankets are manufactured by very sophisticated weaving machines. Unless you have a relative who loves to weave, you do it yourself, or you hire a skilled crafts person to weave a personalized blanket for you, the automated looms that create these amazing blankets is the way to go. And regardless of how talented your Aunt Millie is with her loom, she probably will not be able to come close to recreating your special photo within the weave of the blank the way a modern computer assisted loom can.

It's All About People and Plants

Even with all this mind-blowing technology, a great blanket or tapestry still comes down to people and plants. Specifically, you still need a crafts person and designer to select just the right colors to recreate the photo used for your personalized blanket.

And plants play a key role too – namely cotton. It's all about the material. The material choices for your blanket, tapestry, or afghan are generally between cotton yarn or polyester fleece. So, which is best? That's really an excellent question.

Most people will tell you – hands down, cotton is best. And not just any cotton, but 100% " made in the USA" cotton, grown and processed right here. Quality cotton means your blanket will last for generations. It also makes it very soft and huggable, and it's easy to keep clean. If you checked it out, cotton is probably what Grandma's special blanket was made out of.

Now polyester is cheaper – that is for sure. But beyond that, there really are not any advantages to using it. If price is your only criteria, you might want to consider it, but do so with fair warning. Often, a cheap blanket is an unused blanket.

The Gift That Never Forgets

Cotton yarn with the colors hand selected really makes a difference. It's what makes a mere blanket into a keepsake you'd be proud to give as a gift to anyone. Adding your one-of-a-kind photo to the mix takes it to a whole new level. That's why a personalized blanket makes such a stunning gift. They do not get put aside, they will never end up as a white elephant gift, and most important – they will not be forgotten.


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