What Causes Infertility? 6 Factors That Will Cause You to Be Infertile


One of the most common things that causes infertility is an ovulation disorder. Other factors that cause infertility are age, weight, stress, smoking, poor diet, alcohol, and STD's. We are going to look at all the causes of infertility in this article. For women over 35 having a baby may be a problem, but there are many examples of women in their 40's and 50's getting pregnant.

1. STD's – In a lot of cases sexually transmitted will cause infertility. You should get tested for any disease before you try to get pregnant.

2. Alcohol – Drinking alcohol can cause you to be infertile. Being a heavy drinker can cause irregular menstrual cycles which can increase the chance of having a miscarriage.

3. Poor Diet – Eating a proper diet can greatly increase your chances of fertility. You should try to eat a diet of low fat meals full of nutrients and vitamins to help with hormone stability. You need to stay away from sugar and caffeine because they are one of the causes of infertility.

4. Smoking – Smoking as you may already know is very bad when trying to get pregnant. Smoking can cause you to develop irregular menstrual cycles, cervical complication, and throw your hormones off balance.

5. Stress – High stress levels can really hinder the ovulation process. You should try to do some relaxation techniques to reduce your stress.

6. Weight – Being healthy is critical to your fertility. Being too much overweight is known for causing ovulation troubles. On the opposite side, being underweight is known to cause the loss of menstrual cycles.


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