Unique Baby Names


Choosing a name for your baby needs to be a special time in a young couple's life. This name will represent a life and have meaning through their life. Making this selection should require and take some thought. Many people will choose a name based on a family history or heritage. While other people choose a name based on current trends and what others are doing. Your baby name can have a meaning or just be something you like the sound of hearing when you say it. You may also want to have a name that you can give a nickname or abbreviate. Some people choose a name that can be shortened to just two letters of the first and middle name such as CJ for Christopher James or BJ for Bryan Jack.

Thought has to go into what every aspect of their life may bring. If you name a child a long name you will almost be sure that it will be shortened by a friend or teacher as they enter school because it is just too long to continue say. Most people will retain a 1 to 2 syllable name but anything with 3 or more syllables will most likely get shortened along the way so keep that in mind if you want to name your child Nicholas and always call him that. There will be someone who will probably start to call him Nick at some time in his life and if you do not like the name Nick then you may think of alternative baby names.

Think of a working person and if the name would sound important.

A unique baby boy name can be as easy as Trey or Troy.

A unique baby girl name [http://babyname.fetching.us/Celebrity_Baby_Name.html] can be Lavelle or Lee

Many people put importance on the initials of a name and if it spells a word it means that person will become an important person such as the name. G eorge E dward M oore GEM Keep in mind the first and last name and make sure they sound good together. If your last name is Shine do not name your child Raynor.


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