Top Ten Baby Names


Every year Social Security's Office of the Chief Actuary publishes a list of the most popular names. It's become somewhat of a Mother's Day tradition. This list compilation started in 1997.

The list is derived from 4.2 million Social Security card applications in 2006. You can go to the Social Security site and view the 1000 most popular names plus the most popular baby names by state.

Most surprising baby name influencer: Pope Francis – spell it 2 ways Francis and Frances

Top Boys Names for 2006

1. Jacob – Hebrew – Meaning: Supplanted

2. Michael – Meaning: Who is like God

3. Joshua – HMeaning: God rescues

4. Ethan – Hebrew – Meaning: Strong, firm, impetuous

5. Matthew – Hebrew – Meaning: Gift of God

6. Daniel – Hebrew – Meaning: God is my judge

7. Christopher – Greek – Meaning: Bearer of Christ

8. Andrew – Greek – Meaning; Man, warrior

9. Anthony – Latin

10. William – Germanic – Meaning: Will, desire, protection

Top Girls Names for 2006

1. Emily – Latin – Meaning: Rival, emulating

2. Emma – German – Meaning; All-containing, universal

3. Madison – English – Meaning: Child of Maud

4. Isabella – Meaning: God is my vow

5. Ava – Germanic – also Hebrew – Meaning "life"

6. Abigail- Meaning: Father in rejoicing

7. Olivia – English – Meaning: Elf army

8. Hannah – Meaning: Grace, favor

9. Sophia – Greek – Meaning: Wisdom

10. Samantha – Aramaic – Meaning: Listener

Baby Naming Trends for 2007 63% of 5,000 voters preferred a unique name. 19% named baby after a family member. Names from the Bible were third with 10%. So the move is away from traditional and popular to "unique".

Baby Naming Tips

  • Always consider the baby's last name. Say the two names together – how does it sound.
  • If the baby's last name is long … how many syllables? A short first name will likely sound balanced.
  • If the baby's last name is short … a long first name will sound good
  • A name that will last the baby's entire life … one day that name will be on a resume.
  • Common names … your child may go through school being know as John P or Mary H
  • Middle Names … often honors a family member. But check on the initials – Gregory Oliver Dalton becomes GOD
  • Name meaning … check into it. It may be important to your child.


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