Top Ten Baby Names That Rock!


Have you ever wondered what the top ten baby names are? Choosing a name for your baby is always an individual and unique decision, but you might be surprised at the number of people who choose to name their child one of the most popular names of the year. It's so common that sometimes, a classroom full of students might have several kids with the same first name!

The top 10 baby names are popular for a very good reason. They are strong names with good meanings behind them, but they are also very easy to say and spell. The names often fit very well with any middle name a parent may choose, and they mesh just fine with the vast majority of last names. A baby with a popular name is also ensured of having no problems with being teased in school because of their name, which is a big reason why parents will choose from a short list of common monikers rather than create a unique one of their own that could cause problems for their child later in life.

Another interesting thing to note about the Top Ten Baby Names list is that more than one of these names might appear on a birth certificate. Since the popular names go so well together, it's entirely possible to choose a popular first name for your child, and follow it up with an equally popular middle name.

Can you guess what the most popular baby names are? The list is released every year. The top 10 baby names might switch a bit in ranking, but the list usually remains much the same. Are you ready to see the Top Ten Baby Names?

For a boy, the following names have made the list for the past year: Andrew, Matthew, William, Anthony, Christopher, Daniel, Joshua, Ethan and Michael.

For girls, the following names have taken top billing: Elizabeth, Hannah, Abigail, Olivia, Sophia, Madison, Ava, Emma, ​​and Isabella.

But what are the most common names out of all? According to the top 10 baby names list, the most common names for children are these:

For a boy, it's Jacob. For a girl, it's Emily!

So, which name is best for your child? Will you have a little Emily running around the house, or are you going to be calling out the name Ethan when supper is ready? Are you going to choose one of the other popular names, or better yet, put together a variation of two or more? The possibilities are endless!

Now you know what other parents are naming their children. The Top Ten Baby Names list is always highly predictable and often imitated, but if your child has the most popular name or one of the most unique names in existence, one thing is clear: You will do a great job of choosing a name that best suits your little one!


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