Top Nicknames and Their Meanings For Baby Girls and Baby Boys


It is rather fun to look at top nicknames and their meanings for baby girls and baby boys.

We often think of nicknames as a part of our modern culture. But, in reality, nicknames go back many thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Romans were very fond of nicknames. Even their emperors were known by their nicknames.

Often, a nickname bears little resemblance to the person's first name. For instance, the nickname "Polly," comes from the name Mary. "Sandor" is the nickname for Alexander.

Also, many nicknames turn out to be so popular that they become independent names themselves. Two such examples are Gwen, which is short for Gwendolyn, and Manuel, which is a shortened form of Emmanuel.

And now, let us take a look at some unusual nicknames that you might like.

Nicknames and Their Meanings for Baby Girls

Nancy – This name comes from the name, Ann (English) meaning both "Grace," and "Mercy." The original name for Ann is "Hannah."

Daisy – This nickname comes from the name, Margaret (Greek) meaning "Pearl." The name, Margaret, was originally a Persian name meaning, "Born of the Moon-Light."

Lola – This name comes from Dolores (Spanish) meaning "Our Lady of Sorrows," in commemoration of the Virgin Mary.

Christa – Christa is the nickname for Christina (Greek) meaning "Follower of Christ."

Lily – This name comes from Lilian (Greek) meaning "A Lily."

Nicknames and Their Meanings for Baby Boys

Austin – This name comes from the name Augustus (Latin) meaning "The Exalted and Sacred One."

Wayne – Wayne comes from the name, Wainwright (Old English) meaning "Wagon-maker."

Zack – This nickname comes from Zachariah (Hebrew) meaning "Remembered by the Lord."

Kit – This name is short for "Christopher (Greek) meaning" Bearer of Christ. "

Max – Max is the shortened form of Maximillian (Latin) meaning "The Greatest."

I hope you liked this brief look at some top nicknames and their meanings for baby girls and baby boys.

Names for children follow society's trends, music, books, and art. Therefore, it is almost sure that new baby names and nicknames will appear in the coming years and take the place of today's beloved names. Every baby name and nickname is a lifelong gift.


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