Top Baby Girl Names


You have had the ultrasound and know that you have a beautiful little baby girl on the way. Once the excitation is under control, you realize that you have a very important job to do. This new little girl is going to need a name. She will need a name she can grow with and one that seems to just "fit" her. One of the first things you will want to find out is just what ARE the top baby girl names.

There are many places to locate this information. Books are all over the place that will give you an alphabetized list of names as well as their origins and what they mean. There are also several websites on the internet which will afford you this same information.

Most parents have one of one choice of names selected before their new baby even arrives. You may wish to choose s family name, or maybe a name that falls in with your heritage, or just have favorite names you like the sound of. Whatever means you decide to use to make your choice, knowing what the top baby girl names are will be helpful. This will be especially useful if you are trying to be "different", and want to be sure your baby girl's name is unique. As you search through the list of names, you can see if you have chosen "popular" or "different."

In the United States, the Social Security Administration publishes a top baby name list every year. It is divided up between the top boy names chosen through the year and the top baby girl names that parents are selecting. There are many other entities that compile lists of popular names to the most unique names. If you are having some problems coming up with this all important decision, take a look at some of these lists. It just might help you find that perfect name for your new baby girl.

The name leading the most recent list of top baby girl names compiled in 2007 is Emily. It is followed by, in chronological order, Madison, Hannah, Emma, ​​Ashley, Abigail, Alexis, Olivia, Samantha and Sarah. You will notice a bit of a mix in that list of both older names from years ago, as well as a few more modern names.

Just because you may not resonate with any of those names does not make you wrong. It simply means that you may want to have a bit more creative when naming your baby. Creativity is a good thing but when giving your baby girl a name with which she can comfortably grow. Watch for names that could make her childhood a horror of teasing from other children. Give her a name she can use with pride, no matter what her age. Using a source of top baby girls names is just meant to give you a starting point. Only you, as her parent, can know what the final decision should be.


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