Top 20 Baby Boy Names


As a parent, one of your toughest jobs is naming your child and thinking on how his name will affect him later on. Oftentimes, parents will be undecided on the name and since they have equal rights on naming him, this could lead to a problem.

Sometimes both parents will choose to name their newly born after a celebrity, a historical figure, a famous character or a family member, although this practice is a bit old by now. It could also lead to problems, as that particular celebrity or popular figure at that time might end up with a bad image after your son is born and this will affect his development later on. The most comprehensive example would be that of thousands of German families that named their sons Adolf (the German version of Adolph) and their daughters Adolfina in the 30s, when Adolf Hitler was considered Germany's savior and a God-like figure. We all know how that turned out and only 5 years later, when the Second World War was over and Hitler was dead, shooting him in one of his basements, the poor kids were stuck with a name that would bring them tags such as "Nazi lover "," Hitler fan "and the likes.

If you do not want to risk naming your son like that or if you're simply feeling uninspired, you could go for the "safe" choices and choose a common name. You can simply choose a common name that you hear a lot around you, go for the classics like John, Jim, Michael and so forth, or look for a good baby name for your son over the Internet. Although there are hundreds of sites, each having their own "Top Baby Boy Names" list, this is what we consider being the most accurate top 20 of our times:

Top 20 Baby Boy Names

1. Matthew

2. Jack

3. Andrew

4. Michael

5. Ryan

6. Jacob

7. Alexander

8. William

9. James

10. Daniel

11. Anthony

12. Gabriel

13. Lucas

14. Christian

15. John

16. Thomas

17. Sean

18. Robert

19. Jason

20. Adam

As you can see, some of the names are more modern (Ryan, Sean, Jack) while others are classic or have a historical resonance (Lucas, William, Alexander, Robert). Regardless, all of them are very popular baby boy names and they're considered "safe bets" in how your boy's name will affect the way he develops.

Names constantly vary in popularity and what might be a cool name today, may be "obsolese" tomorrow so you should consider this factor as well. One thing that statisticians have discovered is that names have a tendency to cycle, every 20-30 years or so, so what is popular now was probably extremely popular in the 80s (just look at all the Mathews, Jacks, Andrews, Johns and Jasons around you). The answer behind this cyclic nature is that parents tend to name their children after themselves or after close relatives and with the average parent having children at 25, the cycle's interval is explainable.


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