Tips on Choosing Baby Names


Are you getting a headache choosing your child's name? Out of thousands of names that can be use, you have not yet chosen one. Well, if you're just trying to choose it blindly without any steps or guidance. That must be the cause to your headache. Now worry no more as I've got just the tip how you can choose a name for your baby in a no-head method.

First, log on to a web site that provides baby names list. If you are looking for a name of a boy, go to the boy section and vise versa. You can also look at others pages that can provide you with the name you are looking for, such as in my website, you can look in pages like 'Muslim Baby Names for boy or girl' or '99 names of Allah'. After the list of names is in front of you, get a piece of paper and scroll down to the names. Write down all the names that you like on the paper without thinking which one you like best. After doing this, you would end up having a name list containing only names that you like.

Next, shorten the name list by choosing only half out of the names and canceling half of which you less prefer. Repeat this until only one or a couple of names are left. From there, pick the most preferred or suitable name. If you still have some names and do not know which one is 'the one', this is the time when you should let someone else pick it for you. Consult your love ones, husband or wife, parents, other family or even your friends. They will gratefully help you on that matter and this would certainly help on your relationship. After doing all this yet still no solution, maybe combining the two or three names into one would be your answer.

After you have chosen a name, consider additional names that you can add. If you are a Muslim, consider additional names like Abdul, Muhammad, Nor etc to be added to the names. Write down the additional words in front of the names you've chosen and see if it sounds better. It is up to you though, if you feel adding this word suits the name, then you should add them up and vice versa. After doing according to the guidance, I hope you get the best name ever, and may the child you have the name to grow up into a very successful person.


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