Tips in Planning a Baby Shower


For sure, you have been waiting for the coming of your baby as you read this article. Well, as the preparation takes place, you also need to have a baby bath. This is to give thanks to everyone who supported you within the nine months you are bearing the baby.

Now if you are planning a baby shower, consider these creative baby bath ideas that will make your celebration successful and truly memorable.

Choose your theme – Prior to the party, you have to choose your own theme. This will depend on your taste or the gender of your baby. There are a lot of baby shower plans you can choose from. You can choose your own idea or you can search online or offline.

Just make sure that you base it according to your taste. This is to ensure that your audience and other visitors will enjoy the party for you coming baby. Here are some of the baby bath themes you can choose from. Read on.

For a baby boy:

"Cowboy theme
"Superheroes theme (for a baby boy)
"Cartoon characters theme (for a baby boy)
"Car theme
"Animal theme

For a baby girl

"Doll theme
"Flower theme
"Cartoon character theme (for a baby girl)
"Superheroes theme (for a baby girl)

After choosing the right theme for the party, you also need to make invitations. In planning a baby shower, you can make your personalized invitation cards. A great idea here is to scan the image of your baby (the ultrasound image) and insert it in the invitation card. Another idea is to search the internet for images and pictures or you can go to a souvenir shop and let them customize the invitation card for you.

Plan the food – Cakes and foods to be served should also be a part in planning a baby shower. Remember that your main guests can be kids together their parents. It is best to serve foods that are sumptuous for kids.

Also, you can serve treasures that are delightful like candies, lollipops and others. This is to ensure that kids will really enjoy the party.
Provide baby prizes and favors – Prizes and other favors is one of the highlights in any baby shower ideas. The best thing about these baby shower plans is you can make your own to be given away.

You can purchase materials by bulk to save money or you can use recycled materials. There is no difference here since it is the thought that counts especially if you are celebrating the coming of your baby in this world.

It is also a good idea to have different types of baby shower games. One suggestion is to let your adult friends drink milk using a baby bottle. Another idea is to how to put diaper in a baby using a baby doll. This will make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

With these tips on your mind, you can start the event without any hassles. These baby shower plans can certainly make the event momentous especially if your child to be born will eventually see it.


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