There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Baby


Before my baby was born I had a number of friends and family members constantly asking me what I was hiring the gender would be. I always keep the same answer to everyone who asked; that I did not care if it was going to be a son or daughter, I just wanted my baby to be healthy. Whenever my newborn was delivered, all I wanted to see was 10 toes and 10 fingers, and a normal baby. Of course, there are thousands of other parents who felt just like I did, and even those who have a specific preference for the gender of their baby, all of us have a universal desire to see our baby born as perfect as possible and normal in every way.

After my daughter was born we got a number of compliments from not only friends and family members as expected, but perfect strangers would come up to us and rave about how incredibly beautiful she was. This of course made me feel good and I was eternally grateful that I had a healthy baby just as I had hoped for. She had flawless skin and stunning features, and did not even have a birth mark on her body. However, one day while bathing her I noticed she had a little patch of hair on her lower back, and for some reason this really bothered me for quite some time.

I fell into the trap of wanting my daughter to be perfect in every way, just like most parents. Always, as time passed I start to realize how silly I was about this little imperfection in my baby girl and realized that it made me seem like an ingrate for wishing that I had a daughter who was healthy and getting my wish, only to turn around and find something wrong with her.

If you are a parent and you are reading this article, I hope it can help give you a new perspective about how you view your own baby or child. As parents we want the best for our children and this includes their physical appearance. While no parent ever wishes for their child to be deformed, I think it is important that we stop placing unrealistic expectations on our children and appreciate them as the gifts they are. This includes every flaw and imperfection, because in the end this is what makes them unique and beautiful!


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