The Newest Baby Names – What's Popular


Whew! That's some tall task you have set yourself and it can get pretty daunting trying to choose the perfect name for your baby. However, there are plenty of baby name books and the internet is a good tool to search for your baby name. If you go by the most popular names for baby, they will be like usual, the traditional names.

Traditional names have the advantage of having their source in ancient times and there must be something in these names to have been able to with the changing times. These are classical names without being outlandish and they never go out of style. Names from the Bible and the New Testament continue to be popular choices for parents and names like Abigail, Jacob, Joshua, Daniel, Benjamin, Zachary, Caleb, Hannah are some of the hot favorites.

'Elijah' has turned to the current hot name for new parents and many a baby boy bears this name. These traditional, Biblical names represent only twenty-five percent of the names and other popular categories for names are modern, retro and simply weird-sounding names.

For girls, names starting with vowels are setting a trend. Ashley, Emma, ‚Äč‚ÄčOlivia, Angel to name a few are fast replacing older, popular names like Rebecca, Sarah, Grace and Martha. In a throwback to old, snooty English and American surnames 'preppy' names like Jamison, Archibald, Carrington, Bennet will become popular. Many parents probably think that naming their child after Ivy League schools like Stanford, Cornell, Xavier will help the child secure admission in these schools and since the growing trend of these names!

Many Westerners, especially Americans and English have taken to naming their children in Spanish, Chinese or Arabic in a very big way. One comes across names like Lian which is of Chinese origin and means lotus flower or Carlos which means a free man in Spanish or Alegria meaning happiness. The global impact is being felt in baby names also!

Perhaps, the strongest trend in baby names is of naming them after places. Cities, rivers, countries and continents; none is being spared and many a child bears a name like Asia, London, Boston, Paris, Dresden etc. One of the reasons could be that the baby was conceived in that particular place and parents would like to remember that special place by naming the child after it.

Sometimes, parents have fallen in love with some city or country and name their child as a fond remembrance. At times, the wonders of the world have inspired the parents and among the popular ones are the Taj Mahal, Olympia, Petra and Itza. River names like Hudson, Rio are very popular as boy names while for girls names of lakes like Victoria and Constance continue to be used most frequently.

There is no dearth of really weird names also and names like Trucker, Victorian, Bryten take the cake but each to his own.

As you can see, the most popular names are either traditional ones or going by the trend names after places are really hot. So, happy name-hunting and good luck!


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