The Most Common Baby Name


Do you know that the most common name or surname used by parents to name their Muslim baby in the whole world is 'Muhammad'? The spellings used may differ, Muhamed, Mohamed, Mohamad etc, but that is the most used word for a name. Some people have names of the single word 'Muhammad', but most people prefer to name their child with more than one word, so adds other names after 'Muhammad' such as Muhammad Ahmad, Mohammad Hisyam, and others.

Muhammad is also a popular name in the United States, ranking 4194 out of 88799 people of all ages in the 1990 census (from Wikipedia). The name came from the Prophet Muhammad, born in 570CE, who is the central human figure of the religion of Islam and is regarded by Muslims as the messenger of Allah, the last and the greatest law-bearer in a series of prophets of Islam starting from Adam AS The meaning of the word is praiseworthy and many Muslim believed that angels pray with family which have a member named Muhammad.

This is a very popular name and is a very good name to use. Following the Prophet's name, we hope that our children may follow His character and attributes. For me, this is not just the most common or famous name, but it is the best name from the best Prophet or the best human being that had ever lived. So, consider the name 'Muhammad' as your first choice when naming your child, or if you prefer another name, try adding Muhammad as the surname.


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