The Meanings of Christian Baby Boy Names


Many families choose very traditional, deep-rooted names for baby. Whatever their heritage might be parents seek to give their baby a name with meaning. There are many Christian baby boy names that are both popular and traditional. The meaning of these names can provide insight into what the parents hope these names will provide to their baby boy.

With so many wonderful names throughout the Bible and other Christian traditions, there are many names to choose from. The meaning of these names are what determines which one parents might choose. Eli is a very common modern name with its roots in Christianity. Its meaning, the offering or lifting up, show that is has roots that are positive and wonderful for baby. Other common names like Jason, which means that he cures, are seen in not only Christian families, but also other families as well.

Jonah is one of the more popular Christian baby boy names. Its meaning, a dove, is of particular significance to Christians. Adam has for a long time been one of the most popular baby names; it means earthy. Luke, or luminous, and Nathan, or given, continue to rise in popularity. There are so many names with deep meanings for parents to choose from. Another common name is Aaron, which means teacher.

When a parent is trying to choose the perfect name for their new baby, many look to the traditions of their family or religion. For that reason, Christian baby boy names continue to become more and more popular. Because of their deep meanings and religious significance, it is believed that it is good luck to name baby one of these traditional names and could possibly determine the course of his life. No matter what you choose to name your baby boy, taking the time to pick just the right one is important.


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