The British Baby Name Phenomenon


The surprising rise of the name Mohammed as the second most popular British name is an indication of England's changing demographics. England is not the only country to experience a cultural shift. With the rest of the developed world going through a blending of different cultures, the distinct ethnic features that have been marked by the marks of various countries are slowly disappearing.

There are three common spellings topping the national charts and more than twelve variations over all; the combined total of babies named a variation of the name has guided the religious symbol international spotlight.

The name Mohammed is the beloved favorite of Muslim families around the world, being the name of the founder of Islam. The range of spelling variations are a result of translating the name from Arabic.

Although Mohammed has a great chance at taking lead, the long time favorite baby boy name Jack currently crowns the tops of the charts. With no spelling variations in the top 100, the name has been the number one chosen boy name in almost a decade. Jack is considered by etymologists to be the familiar form of the name John, with well known bearers including the fiction writer Jack London and musician Jack White of the White Stripes.

With Jack in the lead, only a slight shuffling of places was seen in the top spots, with the largest change coming from the name Alfie entering the top 10.

Countries are becoming more multicultural by the day, and England has joined in the international phenomenon. With the trend very likely to continue, England's top baby names may take a wild turn for the exotic.


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