Teething Baby Tips


Sharing a house with a baby who is cutting their first teeth can be a very stressful experience. Some babies can react badly and be constantly screaming the house down, while other babies will take it in their stride and it will seem that their teeth magically appear over night. While we may all pray for the latter, it's good to have some tips up your sleeve should your child have a bad tea experience.

This article will outline a few of our best teeth tips, we have spoken to lots of parents about when their children went through the teaching period and some tips are commonly used, we will share them with you here.

Put a clean cloth into your freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. Take it out and let your child chew on it, cold things to chew, bite and suck on have been known to take a lot of pain away from a teething child.

If you have not already go get your self a good teeth ring from your local baby shop, some supermarkets also sell them. They work the same way by first cooling them down on the fridge or freezer (always read the instructions on your particular product) and then handing them to baby to chew on.

Teething gels can provide almost instant relief, the only way you'll know is to try as some parents report that gels have been useless, once again every child is different.

Rub the affected gum area with your clean finger; this can be very soothing to a teething child.

Once baby's teeth have actually come through, you will want to keep them clean and brush regularly. Use fluoride toothpaste and try not to let your child spit while using it as this can reduce the effectiveness of the toothpaste.


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