Some Basic Ideas For Naming Your Baby


All parents face a similar challenge – naming their new baby. Sometimes you and your partner agree right away on a choice, but more often than not, you find yourself in negotiations and bartering! Whether you choose to name your baby a variation of your name or your spouse's name or the hottest name of the year, you will find this task to be a daunting one.

Since the advent of television, the spread of pop culture has prevailed. A name that you think is unique may already be the name of a boy or girl that your child will one day meet. That is okay because children like to be accepted and his or her name being popular can help the child be accepted, whereas a name that sounds really quirky to children can be a reason for your child to be made fun of at school or in the neighborhood . You may still want a unique name for your child, though.

Consider the sound of the first and last names spoken together. Make sure to give this some thought to so that your child's name will not sound funny to people. For example, alliteration is great in poetry, but not always in a name. You do not want your child's name to resemble the name of a character from a picture book. Are the first and last names together a tongue twister or do they have a nice rhythm when spoken together. Would you would want the name you are thinking of to be your name?

A good place to start is making a list of names which you like, a list of names your spouse likes, and a list of names which are special for any other personal reasons. You can make the name lists separately and then make a list from them that you both like. Do traditional or popular names interest you? Consider names with meanings which emphasize your beliefs. Think of the nicknames that are associated with the name. Is it one you like? Will the last name be acceptable with the nickname? Will the shorter version like Joe for Joseph sound good with the last name? Do you want your children to have the same first initials or do you think dislike that idea?

To help pick your baby's name you can go to websites that list names by all different categories, such as means, most popular names for a given year, unusual names, and traditional names, etc. The mother can pick a girl's name and the father a boy's name before you know the child's gender. You may want to get the family involved in picking your baby's name. You can have your family pick their favorite one from a list you create or have them rate each name on a scale of one to ten. In any event, you will have a name for your new baby which will last him or her a lifetime.


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