Silk Flower Arrangements for the Baby Shower


It's the beginning of the beginning, a glorious day for your baby, and the first event celebrating the coming little one. It's your baby shower. You'll want to have a memento, a memory of the occasion. Silk flower arrangements might be just the thing. Later, the arrangements can decorate the infant's room and one day be used to talk to your child about the time when he or she was growing in your tummy.

One of the great things about silk flower arrangements is that the selection is broad any time of year. Variety abounds even when we hold true to the traditional colors of blue, pink, yellow and green. You'll love the effect of these flowers that are so real looking, you have to walk up and touch them to see that they're not.

It's a girl! Pink is abundant in flowers being one of Mother Nature's favorites. You'll find a terrific selection of pink roses, orchids, and hydrangeas in real looking silk flower arrangements. Also look for carnations, lilacs and daisies for that fun summery look. A burst of pink dogwood is a bit different, light, and festive. Even multi-colored dogwood is a good choice due to its light "baby" colors including baby girl pink.

It's a boy! Blues are more limited. (Have you noticed the same is true with baby clothes?) Many blue silk flower arrangements include blue hydrangeas. Gardeners turn their hydrangeas blue by increasing acidity in the soil. Organic matter such as citrus peels, coffee grounds and egg shells can be added to the soil for increased acidity. Blue hydrangeas have become quite the rage with that special shade of blue that is so difficult to describe. These make amazing flower models when replicated. Other lovely blue flowers are hyacinths, lavenders and African lilies. Hyacinths are about one foot high while the others can be found large and small.

We do not know! For gender nonspecific, gorgeous varieties of yellow and green abound. Lovely varieties of yellow roses, carnations and orchids can pop any room. Elegant calla lilies and sunflowers add explosions of color. Fill your shower with fun bursts of light airy yellows by using cosmos, delphiniums or forsythias. All of these are appropriate for baby to be.

Also for gender nonspecific, use blooming green orchids. For variations in shapes, sizes, and forms, add any of the wide selections of succulents and grasses.

Use silk flower arrangements either exclusively, mixed in with the "reals" for variety, or just so you can have long lasting mementos. They will burst the room with baby shower joy.


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