Shake it Up, Baby


There's a lot that can be done with milkshakes. They're creamy, cold, and they can come in so many different flavors it would make anyone's head swim. There's only one drawback: they're very fattening and unhealthy. Fortunately, anyone can find a ready alternative in protein shakes. They can be every bit as creamy, cool, and tasty. However, since they're based on protein rather than fat, they're actually very healthy.

Obviously, the first thing to consider when substituting protein shakes for our traditional favorite is the health value. They're usually made from whey protein isolate, which is essentially the protein form milk, without anything else. Some people take this and add water, but using milk is just as good and tastes a lot better than any other option. Since all of this means that it does not have nearly as much fat and cholesterol as a milkshake, it is definitely the best choice.

The next thing to consider is how good a protein shake is. For this, the fact that everything is based on milk is still of paramount concern. That decides what the texture will be and, to an extent, what flavors are possible. Other things will play a role there as well, but the milk base provides everything necessary to make it an outstanding treat.

Of course, making it cold is easy: All one needs to do is put the protein shake into a freezable container and leave it in the freezer for a while – or else quickly dip it in dry ice for an instant effect. In either case, that makes it a perfect alternative to a milkshake.


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