Scrapbooking Baby's Name


When a baby is born there is a wealth of photos and treasures with which to scrapbook this very special time. Ideas abound for ideas on how to present the scrapbook for the big event. Traditional layouts include pastel tones of pinks or blues, ribbons, buttons, and whatever other embellishments are fitting for the occasion. Beautiful craft decorations of miniature rattles, shoes, and teddy bears all find a perfect home in a baby's album.

It is not unusual to find pages showing a birth that include baby and various family members, baby's first bath, and many more such special first moments in the baby's life. Not so commonly presented is a page celebrating the baby's name. Naming your baby is a very important decision and so describes a place of honor in any album celebrating the life of a child.

Along with a photo of baby the chosen names will be the main feature on the layout. Make sure to include first and middle names, as well as the surname. Often parents are choosing to hyphenate their names when marrying. Including the baby's surname will provide a 'soft' but clear record of your baby's legal name for the sake of visitors, family, and friends.

Be sure to add in journal notes about the names. What significance do the names have? Maybe the names were chosen because of family tradition. Perhaps it was because of a particular family member, so write a brief story about why you chose to honor the relative in this way, and sometimes include a small photo of the person. This is especially nice when the person the baby is named after has passed away prior to the birth. Your child will love to see the person for what they were named. Sometimes there are extra details about the person you might wish to include. For example: the way their eyes are similar or how they laugh the same way. If the namesake is living, you could include their reactions to having a child named after them. More personal would be a little note written by that person, mounted on the page.

Write about what the names mean. Is there a history behind their use? What is the meaning of the name? Baby naming books and the internet will provide Biblical meanings as well as those that derive from different languages ​​and cultures. You're likely to find a variety of meanings, which adds a fresh point of interest to the journalling.

Some times parents like to spell children's names with a flair for individuality. Other names may be available in several variants depending on the origin. For example: Alicia is of Old German origin and means 'noble' while Alysia comes from Greek and means 'entrancing'. Alesia is a further Greek variant, but meaning "help / aid". The reasoning behind the variant selected could also be included on the page. You may also want to include an explanation or phonetic key as to how the name is pronounced. This is great for names that are unusual or which originate from different languages.

Alternative names mum and dad considered also make for a nice inclusion. If the baby's sex was unknown prior to birth then this could also encompass names picked out for either gender. A note such as, 'If God gave us a boy your name would have been Samuel' records a lovely detail which could well be forgotten in future years.

Providing a 'baby name' page in the child's album helps complete the story that is the life of the infant. Remember all the love and care put into choosing the name and let that flow into a beautiful scrapbook page which your child will treasure through into their adulthood.


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