Pretty Uncomfortable Baby Girl Dresses


So your little girl is now out of her cot and walking just about everywhere. She has arrived at that age when you can dress her up in those delightful baby girl dresses and she will look lovely. Your little precious will look a real treat so its time to get out to the shops and start searching for the most beautiful baby girl dresses you can find.

There is so much choice out there for you today so the challenge of finding the right dress or even dresses is no small task. However in our search to 'show off' our little ones quite often we overlook one very important point.

We seek to find the most beautiful of baby girl dresses quite often without even considering the question; will our baby girl be comfortable in it? In other words are we buying it to 'show her off' or are we buying it for its comfort.

Now I do not want to steal your joy and of course it is only natural for us to want to show off our little precious. It is after all quite normal to be proud of our loved ones. But for heavens sake give a little bit of thought as to who those baby girl dresses are going to be comfortable for her to actually wear. Otherwise the poor little thing will be living in some thoughtful discomfort.

One of the problems we experienced with our little girl was the fact that on occasions she was in some discomfort but was not able to communicate what the problem was. If her dress was rubbing under the arms or the elastic was too tight around her waste by the time we found out about it there were red marks and welts on her skin. Poor little thing just did not know how to express herself in order to tell us.

The problem that we have in wanting to present our little one in the prettiest of baby girl dresses can cause not only ourselves to be a little blind to the potential problem but also the manufacturers as well. They cater for the market or for what the market will buy. So ask your self this question.

If they have a choice to manufacturer one range of baby girl dresses that is very pretty but will certainly be uncomfortable but sells. As opposed to another range that will be comfortable but not quite as pretty therefore will not sell as well. Which range do you think they will market? Yes of course the pretty but uncomfortable ones. So you can not rely on the manufacturer you have to take the initiative and balance the comfort with the pretty yourself.

Lace that is stiff and unyielding as well as tight elastic can be signs that you are heading for trouble. If the fabric feels rough to your skin what is it going to feel like to your little girl's sensitive skin?

This is not really an insurmountable problem. You only need to be aware of the potential problem and that will be sufficient to cause you to put the brakes on and check thoroughly before you buy.

If you keep this principle in mind you will most likely purchase baby girl dresses that are pretty comfortable as opposed to being pretty uncomfortable?


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