Powerful Names For Baby


Parents like to watch the baby to grow strong, healthy, and powerful. Hoping for the best, parents will name the baby with powerful names. There are several sources for the powerful names in the world.

Many baby names mean literally powerful such as Strong, Trumble, Aziz, Archard, and Ewald. Strong and Trumble are English baby names which mean powerful. Ewald is another English baby name meaning powerful law. And, Aziz is an Arabic baby name which means all powerful. On the other hand, Archard is a German baby name which means holy powerful.

The history of the world is rich in powerful names. The important personality and event sticks into our mind, and culture. For example, Alexander the Great, and Ivan the Terrible are two well known leaders of the past. Alexander the Great is more commonly known as Alexander III. He successfully commanded a military to victories. In fact, he won all the battle. Conquered most of the world, he is a prominent personality of ancient Greece. Alexander is a Greek baby name which means defender of men.

Ivan the Terrible is an English name for Ivan IV Vasilyevich which is a Russian name. He was the first ruler of Russia. With his power, he transforms Russia into multi-ethnic state. Actually, Ivan is a Hebrew baby name. The name means gift from God.

The name of powerful clans was used on baby names as well. For example, Terrence, and Macdonalds are powerful clans in ancient history. Terrence is a powerful Roman clan, while Macdonalds is a powerful Scottish clan. Of course, Julian is the name of Roman clan in which many powerful Roman emperors originate. Julian is a name from Hebrew. It means the child of Jove.

The names of mythology characters got to the baby names too. For example, the Zeus and Thor are famous in Greek and Norway Mythology. Zeus is the king of all Gods in Greek mythology. He rules the mountain of Mount Olympus. Thor is the God of thunder and war in Norway mythology.


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