Popular Categories in Modern Israeli Baby Names


When choosing an Israeli name for your baby, you'll want to know what's popular and what's not.

Modern Israeli names often fit into one of the following categories. The examples are names that you will find in Israel today, particularly among the younger generations.

Girls: Kalanit (anemone), Lilach (lilac), Vered (rose), Vardit (rose), Nitzan (bud), Nurit (buttercup), Nofar (waterlily).
Unisex: Narkis (narcissus), Savyon (gillyweed).

Trees and plants:
Girls: Basmat (balsam), Daphna (bay leaf), Eshchar (buckthorn), Irit (chives).
Boys: Erez (cedar), Brosh (cypress), Dolev (planatus), Suf (reed).
Unisex: Rotem (broomplant), Hadas (myrtle), Arava (willow).

Fruits .
Girls: Smadar (nascent fruit), Tamar (date), Einav (grape).
Unisex: Pri (fruit), Gefen (grapevine), Shaked (almond), Rimon (pomegranate).

Other nature words.
Girls: Layla (night), Galit (wave).
Boys: Tzur (Rock), Sela (rock).
Unisex: Almog (coral), Mor (myrrh), Gal (wave).

Inanimate objects.
Girls: Hila (halo).
Boys: Be'er (waterwell), Egen (anchor).
Unisex: Shoval (train of a dress).

Water-related words.
Girls: Maayan (stream).
Boys: Peleg (brook).
Unisex: Agam (lake), Tal (dew).

Words relating to light.
Girls: Ta'ir, Ora, Orit (light), Yahel, Yahela (to shine light).
Boys: Yair (He will light), Reshef (flash).
Unisex: Or (light), Ori (my light), Zohar (shining), Li-or (I have light).

Weather Words.
Girls: Keshet (rainbow).
Boys: Raam (thunder), Barak (lightning), Saar (storm), Matar (rain).
Unisex: Tal (dew).

Nationalistic names.
Boys: Amichai (My nation lives), Liam (a nation for me), Amidror (my nation is free).

Qualitative names.
Boys: Tamir (hidden), Sagi (lofty), Dror (freedom), Dor (generation), Oz (strength).
Unisex: Noam (pleasantness), Hadar (glory), Chen (grace).

Places, especially in Israel:
Girls: Kineret (Sea of ​​Galilee).
Boys: Negev, Golan, Galil, Snir, Guy (valley), Hermon.
Unisex: Yarden (Jordan), Arava (also willow).

Months and Seasons.
Girls: Aviva (Spring), Stavit (fall).
Boys: Aviv (Spring), Hagai (my holidays).
Unisex: Stav (fall).

Military names :
Boys: Aluf (general), Abir (knight).

Girls: Talia (female lamb), Rachel (lamb), Ayala (deer), Yael (ibex).
Boys: Ze'ev (fox), Eyal (deer).
Unisex: Shahaf (gull), Zamir (songbird).

Girls: Shiran, Shira (song), Roni (my joy).
Boys: Ron (joy), Yaron (will sing or bring joy), Lahan (melody).
Unisex: Shir (song), Tzlil (note).

Gifts and thanks:
Girls: Hodaya (thanks to God), Hallel (songs of praise).
Boys: Matan (gift), Matanya (gift of God), Natan (He gave), Netanel (God gave), Yonatan (Jonathan – God gave).
Unisex: Shai (gift), Shai-li (gift for me).

Precious stones.
Unisex: Adi (adornment), Bareket (emerald), Shoham (onyx), Sapir (sapphire).

Girls: Techelet (sky-blue), Shani (scarlet).
Unisex: Paz (golden), Argaman (royal purple).

Other trends in Israeli baby names include short names, compound names combining two one or two-syllable words, and names that end in "ai".


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