Popular Baby Names From the Bible


When you're expecting and thinking about naming your child it can be difficult to decide what kind of name you want your child to have. One of the most tried and true options for parents who want a traditional, memorable, and meaningful name is to choose a popular baby name from the Bible. Biblical names are well-known throughout the world and reflect a family's strong Christian values. Moreover, since Biblical baby names are recognized (and known) everywhere worried about mispronounced names is basically a non-issue.

Many parents also fret that giving their child a Biblical name would mean that the name would have to be archaic, or simply awkward. This is definitely not the case. The top baby names from the Bible are names that you probably know; take a look at some of these (along with their origins and meanings) for some inspiration.

The boy's name "Justin" is one Biblical baby name that you may recognize. Coming from the Hebrew name "Justus," which was the surname of one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. To this day the name "Justin" is associated with fairness and being just in action.

"Julia," a popular girl's name, is actually Biblical in background; Julius Cesar Octavianus was in power when Jesus Christ was born. Moreover, Julia was the name of one of Rome's earliest Christians and a personal friend of Paul.

"Paul" is a name that many people probably recognize. Paul was the name of one of the disciples of Jesus. His evangelical behavior was so well-known that he was known as the Apostle to the Gentiles. As a person who gave his life for his savior, he died a martyr's death and was later canonized as a saint. His name name still brings to mind faithfulness and devotion to a cause.

A female name well known to be interpreted for faithfulness and loyalty is "Rebecca", the mother of Jacob and Esau.

Parents who are looking for a common name that has the extravagant meaning of "Gift from God," would want to opt for "John." This Biblical personality was famous for many miracles, including the baptism of Jesus. (It was also prophesized that John would herald the savior.) Traditionally, John is also credited with writing several books of the Bible, including the fourth Gospel and the Revelation.

For parents searching for an earthier name, "Eve," known as the first mother of humanity, would be an excellent choice. It has been a popular name for decades and remains a popular name for today and for the future.

Remember parents, simply because the name came from the Bible does not mean it has to sound archaic. Many of the most popular names nowdays are from the Bible and are still as modern as ever. Famous celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Julia Roberts, and Elton John have names which have some Biblical origin in them. A Biblical name, though family-friendly and traditional, can still have a catchy and fresh sound.


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