Popular African Baby Names For Baby Boys and Baby Girls


Deciding on a reputation in your child is the primary necessary resolution you make for them. Their title will probably be with them wherever they go, Endlessly. I’m positive many have heard of the outlandish names given to infants within the information and world wide. Right here you will see that some well-liked African names.

Selecting a reputation in your child is the very severe in African Tradition and the that means is simply as necessary. When somebody asks “What’s in a reputation?” inform them precisely what’s in your child’s title. Converse constructive over you child with an excellent significant title. Listed below are some African Names and their meanings.


Zahra – Flowering

Dalia – Light

Ada – First daughter

Ashia – Hope

Asha – Hope or want

Asabi – Of particular start

Aissa – Grateful

Tanesha – Born on Monday

Amina – Truthful

Lulu – Pearl

Zalika – Nicely-born

Alika – Most lovely

Neema – Born in prosperity

Jamelia – Stunning

Akili – Shiny, Good

Sanura – Kitten

Ami – Saturday’s youngster

Dalila – Light

Adah – First daughter

Ameena – Reliable

Mandisa – Sweetness, Candy

Aminah – Reliable

Abebe – Requested for

Adana – Her father’s daughter

Hadiya – Present

Jamila – Chaste

Kalifa – Chaste; holy

Akua – Born on Wednesday

Adanna – Her father’s daughter

Adanya – Her father’s daughter

Jina – Named youngster

Abebi – Requested for

Ameenah, Aminah – Reliable

Jamille, Jameelah, Jemila, Jamilla – Stunning

Deka – Pleasing

Hasina – Good

Jamilia – Chaste

Jamilah – Chaste

Ayanna – A reasonably flower

Aysha – Life, she lives

Badu – One who is robust and highly effective

Beyonce – One who’s past others

Ashanti- African Tribe Identify

Kainda – Daughter of the hunter

Kamili – Excellent

Zanta- A woman who is gorgeous


Naeem- Benevolent

Ochi- Laughter

Kayin – Lengthy-awaited youngster

Jabilo- Drugs man

Iman- Religion

Omari – God the best

Ajani – He fights for possession

Taj – Exalted

Dakarai – Happiness

Daren – Born at night time

Jabarl – Valiant

Akanni – Worthwhile encounter; our encounter brings wealth

Bakari – Promising

Azi – Youth

Bron – Origin

Tau – Lion

Ayize – Let it come

Omarr – God the best

Ekon – Robust

Saleem – Peaceable

Hasan – Good-looking

Abdalla – Servant of God

Rashidi – Thinker; counselor

Dabir – Instructor

Addae – The morning solar

Andwele – God brings me

Faraji – Comfort

Bomani – Robust soldier

Nuru – Born at night time

Adio – Righteous

Ata – First-born twin

Atsu – Second-born twin

Ebo – Born on Tuesday

Cinese – God protects

Daudi – Beloved

Chionesu – Protector

Fenyang – Conqueror

Abdul – Servant of the Lord

Adom – God’s blessing

Akinlana – Courageous

Amiri – Prince

Atuanya – An sudden shock

Tahir – Pure

Yohance – God’s Present

Jelani – Mighty

Zuri – Good Trying

I hope that you simply discovered a reputation which means one thing to you. A reputation that you could respect and share together with your child that builds African satisfaction.


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