Naming Your Child


Giving your child a name is not an easy task that is done in a jiffy. It is a well thought out task. Highlighted below are some simple and thought-provoking tips on how to go about it.

What you will need: Inspiration, History, Name book (there are many out there in book stores), your Husband's agreement.

When to do this: Most people name their children even before they are born and some shortly after birth. So work on a timing that suits you as a family.

To name a child is not an easy task but can be simplified by having your husband participate with you and drawing inspiration from your creativity, the circumstances of birth, the country where you live, the child's origin and also your religious beliefs can all form the basis for the names you give your child.

Most times we women name our children ahead of time and when the time comes we notice the name does not fit either because of the sex or any other reasons best known to us. Have a selection of 3 meaningful names write them down on a sheet of paper then you meditate well on them with your partner or husband and the rightful name will come. When you call that child by the name it will feel very right and appropriate. Children grow up resembling what ever name you call them.

Note: Names are magical they led an individual all through their lives.

Hope this has been helpful to you.


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