Names For a Baby – What Should You Ask?


You will hear it over and over. Choosing names for a baby to be is the most important thing you will have to do during your pregnancy, but why? Simple, your child will have that name for the rest of his life. You would hate for your child to be a scientist with the name Star, or have her try and be a model with Mary, which will most likely get her now. So how do you choose the right name?

When choosing if you think about a few things than you might be able to pick that perfect name for baby that everyone will love.

1. How does it sound with your last name?
Some surnames do not matter but what if you had Tiggle, or from Meet the Parents, Focker.

2. Will you be able to spell it?
If you can not then how do you expect your child to? And what about family, friends and teachers?

3. Consider names from ancestors?
Take a look at the old family tree. You might find an great-great aunt, twice removed whose name would be perfect for your little one.

4. Do you want a common name?
Just remember when you go to the park with Ashley, you might get 5 girls coming when you call her.

5. Ask you family?
Make sure the names for your baby will not offend the father. Also grandparents and others might have suggestions you find you like, but do not feel required to use one because it was great-great-great grandmas middle name and no one has been named after her.

6. Look to see if the name can be used against him?
You would hate to send your child to school as April Sarah Stone. Why? Well kids might start calling her "ASS," her initials

7. Avoid names that are only age-appropriate for a child.
Names like Barbie, Muffin, Cutesy, are only sweet when they're 2, but when they are 8 and older they may be tormented my classmates.

I hope this helps with guiding you to the right names for a baby that your husband and you may agree on.


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