Most Popular Baby Names


Not everybody is using a popular baby name for their little ones these days and it's not because the current "trends" do not have pretty or interesting names, but because some baby names are popular today, this spring or this summer but they may be obsolete next day or next year. So the current popularity of a certain name should not be a decay factor when choosing your newly born name, but it's OK to take the current trends as a sort of guiding line to show you where names are going.

Different online lists are made each year, where thousands of people vote for the most popular baby names and different ranks are given to each, judging by their popularity. We decided to share a few popular baby names by placing them in different categories as shown below. The first category containing few popular baby names is the Christian names category.

There is a large variety of parents that name their babies after characters that can be found in the Bible, as these names have a special resonation to them. If you're in this category, make sure you choose a name after a character that did something beautiful, or did something worth mentioning, not someone that is depicted in a negative light in the Bible. A few of the most popular baby names that are taken directly from the Bible include Joshua (a character from the Bible whose name means 'God is salvation'; it is a message and Christian people tend to like these types of messages), or Abigail , a popular Christian baby name that means 'Joy of the Father'.

The second category in which there are a few popular baby names is the origin category. A lot of future parents will want to choose exotic names based on their origins and a name like Aaliyah is perfect for the opportunity. Aaliyah is an Arabic name with an interesting meaning: 'Sublime'. The name sounds really unique and beautiful and it has become an even more popular baby girl name after the R & B singer with the same name became famous. Ailani is another popular baby name because of its exotic origins (Hawaiian roots). The meaning of the name is 'High chief'.

Our next category of popular baby names is based on the originality of the name. For this type of category, only a certain personal pattern applies for parents. The originality of a name can be chosen by parents who live a non-conformist lifestyle and have a powerful and non-judicial personality. They will be able to come up with an original, truly unique name that may not mean anything, but it might simply sound beautiful. This is an increasingly popular type of baby names.

No matter which of these categories you find yourself into, make sure you do not choose a popular baby name for your little one simply because of some list where people vote and rank the names. Think about all aspects that a name affects and decide what's best for your little boy or girl.


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