Mommy's Little Girl



Bobby had to write this letter for me, but I told him what to say. First I want to tell you that everything is okay. Time is quite different here, four years is like an instant.

Anyways I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all of your visits. I am not lonely but I really enjoy you spending time with me in spirit. You know we always did connect like that.

I wanted to thank you for all the freedom youave me to be myself but most of all for the support when I really needed it. You were always there for me if I did not make a team or a squad. And you do not realize it but your words were comforting to me.

I want to thank you for teaching me to accept people for who they are. I know what you're thinking ….. You think that that is a lesson that you need to learn, but you see that was still you that taught me that. Even though I was not the prettiest girl in the world, (maybe second or third) you always made me feel like I was, and this grie me confidence.

Thank you for that bold confidence that I have. Oh! And you know how much fun we had at those wrestling matches, I do not know what I would have done if you had not been there for me. You see I was having a tough time and you were there for me.

Thank you for letting me be the baby of the family. Remember how I would push out my lower lip and pout. It did not do much good but it was cute …. was not it? I mean the boys, well they were "THE BOYS"
and Patsy wa the oldest daughter. Brenda was always Footie. (daddys' girl) But you let me be the baby and that helped me find my place.

That love was impossible to replace. I guess that is why I was so hard to please in marriage. I wanted to continue to be somebodys' baby. Thank you for being the grandmother to Carl. Especially when I first left. Your guidance was needed then and he received it. I can not thank you enough for that. I know that Carl is not reaching out and keeping the family together. Maybe he will come back. I know that each of you are meaningful to him. I know that he loves each of you for the role that you have played in his life. I hope that it does not take anything major to bring him back.

I heard about the Walk (Emmaus) that you went on. I just want to say that while wearing those frilly dresses on Easter was not much fun, I am glad that you took us to church and made a fuss over us.

I see that you still get together as a family frequently and I know that you miss me. It is at this point that while you certainly miss me physically, you need not miss me spiritually. Think of me …. laugh a lot …. and share the love.

Love always,



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