Learn How To Apply For A Baby Passport


It does not matter how old or young you are. If you travel internationally, you are required to have documentation of nationality and residency. Even babies must have travel documentation and both parents or a legal guardian and the infant must be present when the baby passport is applied for. There are a few steps that will help make the process of obtaining a travel document for a baby.

US Citizenship

Before beginning the application process, it is important to collect all supporting documentation that will prove the US Citizenship of the baby. You will use primary documents only such as a certified birth certificate. You will also need verification of the parental relationship each parent has with the infant. Make sure to select documents that include the names of both the parents.

Parents ID

Each parent will also need to provide official proof of identification. You can use a current driver license, a United States passport, naturalization papers, or military identification. Social Security number verification is also something that you should provide. Remember to make copies of all your original documentation using plain white standard sized paper.


An application for international travel documentation for children must be competed. The form can be accessed on the Internet and either filled in and printed or a blank copy can be printed and completed using black ink. It is important the form remain unsigned until you are instructed to sign it in front of a Passport Acceptance Facility officer.


When the application for the travel document is filed, you will need two pictures of the infant that are exactly the same, and the credential fee. Make sure that the picture of the infant shows the hands and head uncoovered. When you are ready to submit the application, you will locate the nearest Acceptance Facility. A Passport Acceptance Facility can be located using the Internet. You can also contact your local post office, county office or library to locate an office.

If Parents Absent

If only one of the parents can be present at the time the application is filed, a notarized statement of consent from the parent who is absent must be submitted. Complete a statement of Consent or Special Circumstance form which must be signed by the parent who can not be present and must also be notarized. The notarized form is to be submitted with the application for the international travel documentation, the verification of citizenship for the baby and the other documentation that is required.

Time It Takes

Once the application is submitted, allow six weeks for the international travel document to be approved and processed. Expediting the application will move processing up by about three weeks. Make sure to check for any additional costs to passport expedite applications.


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