Irresistible First Names for New Year Baby Boys and Baby Girls


Here we are on the verge of New Year’s eve and we have a lot of new babies waiting for a name. So, let us choose the most irresistible first names for New Year baby boys and baby girls.

First though, take a peek at some famous new Year babies and their names.

January 1st was the birthday of American patriot and hero, Paul Revere, American flag creator Betsy Ross, author Jerome D. Salinger, and actor Frank Langella.

Joan of Arc, France’s greatest warrior and defender, was born on January 6th.

January 8th was the birthday of singing star Elvis Presley.

Now here are some star quality names for today’s new babies.


Ali – (Arab) meaning “Sublime.” Ali ibn-Aki-Talib of the 7th Century was the cousin and successor of the Prophet Muhammad. He was the 4th caliph to rule the world of Islam. Among the many famous Alis is the American boxing champion, Muhammad Ali.

Elisha – (Hebrew) meaning “God is Salvation.” In the Bible, Elisha was the prophet who brought about miracles. This name was borne by Elisha Graves Otis, who invented today’s modern elevator back in the mid 1800s.

Galen – (Greek) meaning “Calm.” Galen, the 2nd century Greek physician, is known as the father of modern medicine. His name has grown in popularity since the 1950s. TV host Galen Drake is one well-known bearer.

Mark – (Latin from “Marcus) meaning “Mars, the God of War.” Mark was Christ’s evangelist. Mark Anthony was a great Roman leader. Other famous Marks are writer Mark Twain, Olympic swimming star Mark Spitz, and actor Mark Hamill.

Victor – (Latin) meaning “Conqueror.” This name was born by popes, saints, and kings of Italy. Author Victor Hugo and comedian Victor Borge are famous bearers.


Aisha – (Arab and Swahili) meaning “Life.” Aisha was the beloved 3rd wife of the Prophet Muhammad. She was also a brave warrior and leader.

Layla – (Arab) meaning “Wine’s Sweet Intoxication.” Layla and Qays are a love story throughout history. From their love comes the Arab expression: “Each sings for his own Layla,” meaning, “Each follows his own path in life.”

Melissa – (Greek) meaning “Bee.” Popular in ancient Greece, Melissa became an important literary character in many books. Famous Melissas include singer Melissa Etheridge, and actress Melissa Gilbert.

Sophia – (Greek from “Sophocles”) meaning “Wisdom.” A well-loved name in ancient Greece, Sophia gained popularity in Europe and the United States after the 1950s. A famous bearer is actress Sophia Loren.

Veronica – (Latin) meaning “True Image.” Veronica was named for the woman who wiped the face of Christ during the Crucifixion. Famous Veronicas are actress Veronica Lake, and historian Veronica Wedgwood.

Well, there we are. I hope these irresistible first names for New Year baby boys and baby girls will inspire you.


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