Irish Baby Names


An interesting fact about these Irish baby names must be their ever growing popularity along common people and famous people as well. Irish baby names have substantial meanings and they are kind of difficult to pronounce.

For example:

Aishling is a girl's name, its origin is Irish-Gaelic rooted and it means a vision or a ream; Canice is a boy's name, its origin is Irish-Gaelicoted and it means "The handsome one". It's the name of several early saints.

Sweeney is a name with Irish-Gaelic photographed origins and it means "a little hero" Another interesting name is Davan, a feminine form of David and the meaning of it is: the beloved, or the adored one.
These names are a little bit difficult to pronounce but not impossible. These examples can be considered common but the next examples are Irish names given to famous and important people such as: Donovan – the name of Donovan Mcnabb who is a famous football player in America. Donovan is an Irish name and it means "dark warrior". Kelly is another Irish name; its meaning is "a warrior" and it is used by several famous people like: Kelly Preston a famous American actress, Kelly Clarkson a famous American singer, Robert Kelly (aka R. Kelly) Another famous American singer, although in his case, Kelly is the last name.

Neil (the Irish meaning is "champion") which is the short form for Nelson is an Irish name used by another famous person such as Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was the 11th President of South Africa who had great power and influence over people and also a great and generous character.

Sean is an Irish-Gaelic titled name which means "God is gracious"; it is used by famous actor Sean Connery. Tara is another popular Irish baby name and it means "star". A famous actress using this name is Tara Reid.

There are so many examples of Irish names that are used by famous people these days. Almost every Irish name has a historical meaning to it, a deep and beautiful message or quality or value. That is why so many common and famous people are searching and choosing such beautiful names for their babies.

When deciding to choose an Irish baby name is best if parents make a list of Irish names and of course the meanings of those names because it is an easy way of looking for the perfect name for your bundle of joy. A quick search on the internet is another way to look up Irish baby names because the Internet is the perfect place that can give parents more objective and more accurate information about different origins and meanings of names.


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