International Baby Names – Predestine Your Child For Greatness Or Bestow a Little Flair!


If you are considering international baby names for your child, you're doing them a favor! The world is becoming increasingly global. Years ago, it was common for most people to stay close to home, and only the very wealthy jetted across the world. Now global travel is much more accessible, and it seems that many are taking advantage of opportunities to travel the world and discover new countries and cultures. By the time your baby is old enough to take the world by storm, it will not be at all unusual to travel to another country on a whim of business or pleasure.

International baby names are desirable because they can open up a whole new world for your child. When you consider taking a name from a particular culture, you are forever tying that child to another part of the world. Maybe it's a place you visited and fell in love with, or sometimes it reflects a place where you have family ties. It could be that something about the culture or prevalent religion of the area strike a chord with you. Or although you simply like the sound of the name and the way the accents roll from your tongue.

If you are interested in Irish culture or have ancestors from the Emerald Isle, you may choose to give your child a name that reflects that heritage. Naming your child Eire is paying homage to Ireland and the woman for what the country was actually named. You may also consider Erin or even the word Ireland as a name. Talk about making your heritage clear!

Scottish names immediately bring to mind beautiful vistas of green, crystal-blue waters under the watch of majestic mountains, and a very distinct accent. No wonder Scottish names are considered such bastions of strength! Consider naming your little one Campbell, or Blair, or Forrester. These names are popular as clan names in Scotland and make beautiful international baby names as well.

What about Australian names? The most common names in Australia as of late are Isabella and Jack. The names of those from Australia are often strong names that are interlaced with the beauty of such a vast country. Aboriginal names from Australia are often popular and surprising. If you love the ocean, pay homage to it with an Australian name that brings it to mind, such as Yara, meaning "seagull", or Elanora, meaning "a place near the water".

Hawaiian baby names are another way of putting your baby in the international baby names spotlight. The names bestowed on children in Hawaii are often based on tribal histories, as well as the more mystical. Names have often come from dreams or visions, or have been dropped from events surrounding that child's birth. Although the tribal names in Hawaii might be a bit difficult to pronounce, they can always be modified to express what you want them to say.

International baby names are a wonderful resource when you are trying to decide what to name your little one. And what better way to start off the life of a world traveler than by giving him or her a name that will be recognized all over the world?


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