Inexpensive Baby Shower Favor Ideas


Favors are becoming more increasingly common at baby showers but the cost of providing favors along with the rest of the shower expenses can really add up.

Today more than ever people are really watching their expenses and because of that corners must be cut. But if you are hosting a baby shower I am sure you do not want the shower to reflect that. Is not it nice to know that you can still have great benefits without creating a big debit in your bank account?

There are so many things that you can give at a baby showers that are really inexpensive and a matter of the packaging that will make them or break them. Your printer might just be your best friend in the packaging department.
So what kind of items can you use at a baby shower for favors?

Candy bars would be a nice favor. You can make a wrap to go around the candy bar with the Mother-to-be's name on the front and a nice thank you message on the back.

Print favor boxes that compliment the shower theme and fill them with a variety of things like candy, candles, lip-gloss, bath salts or anything else that will fit into the boxes you print. A trip to your local dollar store will turn up quite a few things that fit into a small favor box.

Flavored teas, coffee, cocoa, cider and several other beverages that come in pouches can have a wrap or envelope printed to match a shower theme.

Spring is a nice time to give flower seeds.

Bookmarkers in coordinating envelopes would be a great idea for a "bringing a book" themed baby shower.

Just start looking for great things that come in small packages in the cosmetic department, the grocery store, the drug store and thrift stores. It makes a better presentation if you use the same item for all the guests. They can be in different colors, scents or flavors but the item should be the same. Tell the guests they can trade with each other for the scents or flavors that they prefer, if they would like to.

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