Indian Baby Names


Indian baby names are all based on a tradition of personal and moral enlightenment. It is believed that the name given to the child must be of a positive origin so as to create a positive force in that child’s life. Speaking a negative name would encourage negative attributes to the child and nobody wants that. You always want your child to do and be the best they can be.

For the most part, Indian baby names represent various forms of gods and goddesses, but some are more along the lines of the wonders that surround us. The moon, planets, stars and even personal success and leadership, are just a few of the things that are thought of as being traditional Indian names.

Indian baby names come from many sources. These include Sanskrit, Buddhist, Hindu, and even Christian based names. Some fall into mythological names and aspects of ancient pantheons. Indian baby names for boys seem to follow the lines of wealth, power and leadership roles. Names like Anish, which means supreme, or Durjaya, meaning difficult to conquer, are a couple names that inspire the son to greatness.

Indian baby names for daughters represent beauty, grace, and fertility. Females are known for their child bearing and motherly ways, so they often get names to help inspire love and family, children and beauty. Names like Anita, which means grace, and Charu meaning beautiful picture, are two examples.

Indian baby names come from a strong family tradition of love and nurture. The meanings of their names hold a special significance not only to the children, but the whole family, parents and grand parents included. Ask any one that has an Indian name what it means. Most, if not all, can tell you exactly what the meaning is and why they were given that particular name. Who else can give you so much information about the origins of their names?

Indian baby names have a uniqueness about them that most people seem to find exotic and appealing to hear. Most modern names have lost that specialness over time. Indian names just keep you enthralled with the wonder and beauty they inspire.

These sites give you plenty of names to choose, along with their meanings. So take some time and find just the right name for your precious bundle of joy.


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