If You Do not Read These 7 NO's in Pregnancy, You'll Hate Yourself Later


It must be lovely to find out that you have a baby inside your womb. Imagining how to give birth to him / her, searching for the right name, shopping for cute baby outfits, baby shower party. Oh yes, those are very lovely.

However, it is necessary for you to keep yourself alert – without having to trim your excitation down.

There are 7 NO's in pregnancy that you have to know:

1. Smoking . Do not smoke or be around those who do. Smoking raises the levels of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream and cause dropping off on the amount of oxygen available to your baby. Nicotine constrains the blood vessels on your side of the placenta, which means oxygen is less efficiently released to the baby.

2. Medicines . The problem caused by medicines taken by the mother is that they can cross the placenta and enter the baby's bloodstream. This may cause problems in the development of the baby. Medicines can also indirectly have an effect on the baby by interfering with the environment within the womb. Some medicines can trigger contractions of the womb, lessen the blood supply to the baby, cause early, delayed or even prolonged labor.

3. Alcohol . Babies born to mothers who drank alcohol during their pregnancies are usually small and underweight. And, they may suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. It is the leading cause of mental retardation in the US.

4. Stress . Try your best not to be stressed out. It may make you find it difficult to sleep, get headache, back pain, etc. It may also influence your baby's mood. Worse, it may cause early birth.

5. Chemical . Be careful with the chemicals you use at home such as cleaners, paint, thinner, or pesticide. If you work with those chemicals for such a long period during your pregnancy, your baby is exposed if the chemical passes from your blood. This will harm your baby and slow down your baby's growth and intelligence.

6. Hot tub . The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) affirms that becoming overheated in a hot tub is not recommended during pregnancy. ACOG also recommends that pregnant women never let their core body temperature rise above 102.2º F. Hot tubs are often factory programmed to maintain a water temperature of approximately 104º F. It takes only 10-20 minutes in a hot tub to raise your body temperature to 102º F or higher.

7. Animal feces . Make sure you do not clean up your dog or cat's poo. It contains an organism called Toxoplasma gondii which is very dangerous for your baby. It may cause a miscarriage, stillbirth, blindness, deafness, or learning disabilities.

For your own and baby's good, be very careful with your pregnancy.


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