How To Win Back A Gemini Girl


Has your Gemini girl lost interest in you? Never one to stay still for long, the Gemini girl is notoriously flighty and restless. Bored easily, the Gemini female will avoid the familiar and mundane, and needs her brain to be occupied around the clock. If you have lost her, do not despair, here are a few ideas on how to win back a Gemini girl.

Trying to pin a Gemini down is the quickest way to lose her, so being possessive is something that you will have to keep in check. Gemini's are governed by the planet Mercury, the planet of information and communication, and anyone born under this star sign will quite happily spend the evening talking their way through an entrenched room of people, and any attempt to stop them will be met with thinly disguised contempt. Gemini's have a sharp intellect and appreciate a witty comment, so you'll have to be on good form to hold her attention.

There is nothing worse for a Gemini than to be stuck with someone who does not stretch her intellectual boundaries, so find out what interests your Gemini girl, and do not skimp on the details, for it is these trivial bits of information that she is most interested in. Finding out that you are quite well versed on a subject that is close to her heart will definitely grab her attention.

Gemini's as a rule, enjoy freedom in a relationship, and do not like clingy individuals. The way to give a Gemini pause for thought, is to take a leaf from the Gemini book and become a social butterfly yourself. If you have recently split from your girl, she will be curious to know why the person you are talking to finds you so interesting. Do not try pushing her into action, the Gemini's curiosity will almost always get the better of her.


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