How to Throw an Amazing Baby Shower Party


Throwing a baby shower is a very widespread tradition all over the world. It is a very special party for new mothers. Although it is usually held for only female participants, it is not against the rules to invite the father and other male guests.

The idea of ​​planning a baby shower looks really fun. And it should be, but it's also a lot of responsibility, especially throwing a party for the first time mother. Here are some tips to have an awesome baby shower!

First you need to think about the time for the party. Before or after the baby has arrived? If you think having a pre-birthday shower, you should definitely plan it 1-2 months before the baby is due – just in case the baby comes early. Also it gives the parents some time to shop for things they did not get on the shower. When parents do not want to know the sex of the baby before birth, it would be wise to throw a party when the little miracle has born. It gives the guests an advantage regarding candidates – it is a lot easier to pick colors when you know if it's a boy or a girl. Also a very good idea for a baby shower present is something for the new mother, a relaxing day in a spa or manicure or a really beautiful maternity dress.

The second important thing is to have a list of the guests. It is necessary to know which family members, friends and co-workers are invited to this special event.

Thirdly, you need to consider the food and decorations. It helps when you know the sex of the baby, but you can just use colorful flowers, stuffed animals, family photos and some balloons in the party room to make it look really cute and happy. Also you may go with a theme-party. Food should be something light – healthy snacks, fruit etc. But you have to keep in mind that when you go with light snacks, the timing needs to be between lunch and dinner.

Also baby showers could use some fun games. For example give the mother a doll and a diaper to see how she changes it or invent fun games with baby-names. Games should be thought through carefully because you do not want the mommy-to-be feel uncomfortable with any of them.

Baby shower invitations

These are very-very important. It would be very nice to send them out hand-written and by mail service. It is common to use e-mail, but it would be a lot nicer when you sent them out on pretty paper. Baby shower invitation word should be simple, but informative. The guests need to know the place and time, information regarding the gifts (letting them know that there is a list that mom has made or maybe collecting money for a collective gift), party theme (if you have one) and if you decide to give everyone a little assignment (like bringing fruits, getting balloons etc), it should be added in the envelope separately or written in a funny way on the invitation.

This, plus a little fantasy, is all you need to throw a memorable baby shower that everyone reminds for a long time.


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