How to Pick a Baby's Name


A person can do a lot of research for a name or you can take advantage of someone else. A book will give a list of names, yet someone has to decide which name to choose.

The first item of business is to consider if baby will be comfortable with that name.

A name usually has a meaning, which we hope the child will become. A child usually is a reflection of the parent's personality. When you look at the child you see mom or dad in the child's actions. Factors to consider, is the name easy to spell, is the name a positive name, you do not want the child to have a name that other children will make a joke of. So we want a name that will fit well and not have a negative impact. One way to solve this is for dad to pick five names, mom pick five names, and think about it. Then the two of you pick a name. We all have gone through this, and the baby will have to accept your decision. I believe most children have accepted their name and usually the name fits the child when they grow up.

The American Indians rename their children as their personality traits and skills begin to blossom. We do not have this in most societies. Some children do petition the courts to change their names when they become adults after many years of suffering the whims of the parents when they were born. So be careful in your consideration of names-know the person you're naming them after, or the characteristic or trait in them that leads you to that name.

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