How to Get Baby to Sleep


Congratulations! You're probably reading this as you've brought your precious little baby home. Its a great step in life and you'll enjoy it. Many people struggle with sleep the first couple of weeks when their baby first comes home and do not really understand how to get their babies to sleep. Well I'm here to let you know that its not that hard to get your baby to sleep. With a little knowledge you'll know how to get your baby to sleep with little effort, which means more sleep for you. Both baby and parents win!

You have to set a routine as soon as possible. It is the single most effective tool you can use to get your baby to sleep through the night or with newborns for longer periods during the night. I can not stress enough that babies love routine. Right so what routine can you use to help get your baby to sleep and why is a routine so effective? Your routine can consist of anything you want, but you can try the following routine as an example.

Before putting your baby to bed, trying bathing them as this is a very relaxing and soothing time for them. Once out of the bath try giving them lots of cuddles to relax them even further, remember though you are trying to get them relaxed, not provide stimulus so do not get them excited at this stage. Talk to them as you put them into their bed and let them know they should go to sleep and you'll see them soon. Try not to rock or soothe your baby to sleep as they will become reliant on you doing this to get them to sleep. It is extremely important that your baby learns how to go to sleep by themselves, if they do not, they will always require your help to go back to sleep no matter what time of the night.

So why do they like routine? Routine allows them to know what is coming next and keeps them relaxed by getting lots of baths and cuddles they will learn to enjoy the entire process and will be extremely relaxed by the time you get them to bed. If you follow the above routine there is every chance that when you come back to check on your baby they will be sleep.

So now you know how to get your baby to sleep.


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