How Are Chinese Baby Boys and Chinese Baby Girls Named?


A variety of methods exist. The hopes of the parents play a big role in naming Chinese babies. The person's name continues to remind him of his parents' expectations.

In general, these hopes can often be classified into six types. These categories are:
1. Moral Accomplishments.
2. Intelligence and Scholastic Achievement.
3. Health and Beauty.
4. Wealth and Position.
5. A Low-drama life that is problem free.
6. Strength of Will and Independence.

Some parents choose to name children depending on the seniority of the siblings. In some Chinese families, babies are named in the same way over many generations. Each child is named in the way handed down from the family's ancestors.

A baby may also be named after a historical event or a theme from Chinese history.

The last method is based on astrology. With the astrological method, a child's name may be determined according to the time, month, and season of his birth. The child's birth year animal signs may also determine the name. The Five Elements may also play a role in the names.

There are additional subtleties to the technique of naming Chinese baby girls and Chinese baby boys, because parents have varying goals for their daughters and sons.

The expectation of a good man is that he will be devoted to his nation and his people. Additionally, he should have a strong moral character. He should be in good health, have ambition, be serious, be intelligent and make his family proud.

For this reason, a Chinese baby boy may be named in a way that brings honor to a special ancestor as well as continuing the family tradition and business. In addition to honoring the ancestor, Chinese baby boys may be named in a way that indicates high hopes, nobility of character, strength of will, strong determination, a sense of responsibility, physical strength, a wealth of vitality, a broad-minded perspective , outstanding wisdom, and the desire to be of service to ones' people and country.

How do the Chinese name their baby girls? Being virtuous, chaste and filial are examples of their parent's aspirations. She should take care of her family, love her brothers and sisters, and have excellent housekeeping skills. The ideal Chinese woman must be beautiful within. She must have a combination of grace and intelligence. She must have the ability to coexist with her neighbors in harmony.

Because of this, Chinese baby girls are named in a way that encourages femininity. The ideal Chinese woman is virtuous, tender, beautiful in a very feminine way, intelligent with great wit, graceful, and elegant.

It should be clear to you now!


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