Great Tips For Choosing Baby Names


What should we name our newborn child?

Whether this is the first child or one of a dozen children you and your spouse plan on having, it is one of the most common questions asked by expectant parents when they realize they are going to have a baby. This article is aimed at assisting soon-to-be parents in choosing a name that fits their precious newborn baby.

Through diligence, both parents can find a name that will represent the uniqueness of their child and provide heritage parents want for their younger generation.

So how do you find a name that fits the parent and the child in a world where there is an overabundance of information? The most common method of choosing a baby name comes from virtually any baby name book that can be picked up at your local bookstore or online at various websites such as Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

There are other options available to help you decide on a name for your newborn infant. Some methods of name choosing discussed later include:

  • Existing family names (genealogy)
  • Religious or Spiritual names
  • Mix and Match names
  • Pop-Culture and/or local and national society as a foundation for a name
  • Base words with meanings

Before choosing a name, be mindful of your current and your child’s future. When picking a name be sure to remember other children can be cruel, especially to children who have less common names or names that can easily rhyme with other words that are less-than-desirable. Each child deserves the best; try to remember what it was like growing up hearing how cruel children can be one to another.

Family Names

Often when first learning of your pregnancy the first people you tell is your family and close friends. When coming up with a new name for your baby family names are often considered. Naming a child after family or close friends is a respectable way of choosing a name. Sometimes, though, you would like to have a family name but don’t want to use one that is more familiar to you. What then? You can turn to your genealogy to derive a special name for you baby girl or boy.

Looking to your family tree can be a useful medium in figuring out the perfect name. If you are unsure of how to search for names, there are multiple online sources to help including, or other genealogy research websites. is a free online repository of family: first, middle, and last names. It doesn’t necessarily provide the exact relationships you have with researched names, but it is free. The other two sources provide the branches and limbs of your genealogy which can be helpful in deciding which name to use.

Religious or Spiritual Names

It does not matter if you subscribe to a religious or spiritual belief. Religion and spiritual beliefs can provide a wealth of names to help you determine a name for your infant. Some of the names are more unique than others. There are a couple things to be wary of when you select a name from religious or spiritual texts or belief systems.

  1. Make sure the name is not negatively portrayed in a religious story. After all, you probably don’t want to name your child Jezebel or Delilah after biblical atrocities. Likewise there are other girl and boy names you may want to avoid if your child will be raised with a spiritual background that recognizes the foulness of certain people’s names.
  2. Ensure the name you choose fits into the culture of your society. For example, a staunch Catholic name could be bad if used in certain regions of the world where Christianity is frowned upon, or even persecuted.

Mix and match names

This is a personal favorite method of naming children. This entails using parts of two or more names to derive a single name. The name-parts may or may not have meaning to you or to other people. Common methods of using this uncommon naming convention include the following two scenarios:

First, a father wanted a “Junior” but mother didn’t want to have two people with the same name in the same household. As a result, they named their son “Kelson”. Kelly was the name of the father, and “Son” came from the child being the son of Kelly. Other names that are similar to this are Jayson, and Kayson.

The second method is often used for daughters. In the United States and many other countries, when a woman and man marry, the wife takes on the surname of the husband. Some parents wish their child would be able to keep their own surname and take on the husband’s surname without abandoning other names (i.e. middle names). This can be accomplished by joining a first and middle name into one name and leaving out a middle name. An example of this is MaryAnn. Two names combined into one. When she becomes married, she can keep her maiden name as a middle name while taking on her husband’s surname as her own new surname.

Pop-Culture Names

Hollywood and pop-culture names seem to be invading everyday homes. These names are often more public, yet also often unique. If names such as Apple or Pineapple speak to you then use them. There is an abundance of pop-culture based names throughout the world.

Base words with meanings

Another wonderful way to help discover names for your newborn infant is by using base-language words as names. These names, though very simple, can have the best and truest meanings. Some examples of these names being used include names such as: Joy, Precious, Happiness, Peace, Charity, Hope, Confidence, and Passion.

These names are often either first or middle names. They are also often coupled with other names derived from family names or a spiritual belief system.

Choosing a baby name is only one thing

We hope this article has helped reduce the stress and frustration in deciding on a baby name for your unique baby girl or boy. We know how frustrating it can be, and it is only one thing, of many, to be done by the time baby comes into this world.


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