Get Your Baby's First Magic Mickey Mouse Hair Cut


Did you know that there is a Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom? Did you know that Baby's "First Haircut" is their Specialty? Well, my husband and I just found out about it and were so excited to take our 6 month old son for his first haircut on Saturday.

The Harmony Barber shop is a small quaint old fashioned barber shop located on the corner of Main Street USA near the Car Barn. With a signature candy stripped pole outside and the old fashioned barber chairs inside, you may feel like you stepped back in time when you walk in.

This little spot was quite busy. When we arrived at Magic Kingdom our son was sleeping and due to eat quite soon so we decided to hang out and wait for him to wake and eat before we attempted his first haircut. So many people told me that it can be quite a traumatic experience for the little ones and to expect a lot of tears and grappling to hold him down. I was quite apprehensive!

So once he was fed and watered, we headed back to the Barber Shop to begin the "First Haircut" experience.

It was quite busy with an informal waiting system of the customers keeping track of who came in before and after them. We were not sure how long the wait time would be but were happy to see each barber take their time and give everyone a magical experience.

Just then the parcel started so while my husband kept our place in line, Mommy and Baby went out to check out the parcel. What a perfect viewing spot we had! We got an up close and personal view of the whole parade and enjoyed so many character meet and greets as they danced by.

After a few more minutes wait it was our turn. Ms. Ivette, our Barber / Stylist made a huge fuss of our son, she sat him on a booster seat on the chair and I had room to sit in front and hold on to him. She wrapped the cape around his neck and washed him loads of stickers for entertainment. Then, the moment of truth … out came the clippers and soon we heard a buzz buzz at the back of our sons neck. Ms Ivette saved the first cut, wrapped it in a tissue and sealed it with a Mickey sticker.

He giggled as it tickled and continued looking at the stickers. So far so good, I started to breathe again. He wanted to check out the noise behind him so we then entertained him with a R2D2 Whirlygig toy that distracted him while she cut. Before we knew, the haircut was finished and we had a very happy, smart looking little man.

Ms. Ivette presented us with a set of Mouse Ears with "First Haircut" stitched on the back. We also got a Certificate of the unforgivable event to take home.

The "First Haircut" experience is $ 18.00, which includes Mouse Ears embroidered with "First Haircut" and a Certificate. Reservations can be made up to one day in advance. They also offer Pixie Dust, colored hair gel for those adventurous enough to temporarily change their hair to pink or green as well as Mickey Mouse ears sprayed on the back of your head in different colors.

The Dapper Dans Barber Shop quartet even make surprise appear from time to time.

There are also services for grown-ups to enjoy. An adult haircut costs $ 19. Beard and mustache trims are $ 10. When we visited there was a gentleman who had not been in for a haircut in about 8 months but Barber Michael remember him by name. Another customer told us he brings all his kids for haircuts, Barber Michael is a family tradition in their household.


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