Filipino Baby Names – Naming a Person You Don’t Know!


Surprisingly, a persons name says quite a bit about him or her. Yet, you are charged with the responsibility of naming a person that you do not know. So, how do you come up with a name that will embody your infant child? Traditional Filipino baby names is one way parents in the Philippines halted the spread of Western influence on their culture. These names reflect the ancestry and culture of people of Filipino decent.

Some baby names have beautiful meanings such as Bagasbas which means blessing or Guinto which means gold. Other names may have negative meanings, yet have ancestral significance attached to them such as Caculitan, meaning irritant or Dahan meaning slow. These boys names are common among Filipino people. While it is interesting to discover the meaning behind a persons name it does not necessarily mean that person is reflective of that name.

Girls names also have interesting meanings behind them. Take for instance Lyndawn which means angel of the lord and dawn in the morning or Amalia that means hard working. Ima means loving and cheerful while Chesa means shine.

Typically a name is gender specific, however there are some instances where names can be used for both boys and girls; for example, Angel means messenger of God and is used by Filipinos for either their male or female offspring.

Choosing a name for your soon-to-be son or daughter is the first toughest decision you will have to make as a parent. However, in the grand scheme of things you may find it to have been the easiest. Ancestry, origin and meaning are all a part of choosing a name, yet sometimes it is as simple as looking at your newborn and a name just comes to you. Filipino names are rich in tradition and provide for uniqueness in an ever changing world.


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