Especially Beautiful Baby Names and Their Meanings


New parents love especially beautiful baby names and their meanings, above all when the time comes to name their own baby. Parents want their child to stand out from the crowd. Often, a rare name expresses the beauty or talent they see in their own child. So today, we will take a look at some outstanding baby names.

Here are 14 baby boy names and baby girl names that have great strength and beauty. Many come from mythology, poetry and nature. Others come from place names.

Unusual Baby Boy Names

Booth (German) means "protector." A famous bearer of this name was Booth Tarkington, the great American writer.

Bret (English) means "man from Brittany." This name was made famous by the television series, "Bret Maverick," as well as by American writer, Bret Harte.

Frazier (Scottish from French). This comes from a place name meaning "place of ash trees." The television show, "Frazier," boosts the popularity of this name.

Sebastian (Greek) means "majestic." This name was born by Saint Sebastian. Modern bearers of this name include actor, Sebastian Cabot, and runner, Sebastian Coe.

Titus (Latin) means "heroic." This name was made famous by the Roman emperor, Titus. Tito is the Spanish form of Titus, as in Tito Puente, the musician.

Vitus (Latin) means "life." There is a Saint Vitus. This name was made famous by the great tennis star, Vitus Gerulaitus.

Zane (Latin) comes from the name "John," meaning "God has favored." The American writer, Zane Gray, wrote many western adventure books.

Unusual Baby Girl Names

Callista (Greek) means "most beautiful." The well-known actress, Callista Flockhart, bears this name.

Delphine (Greek) means "coming from Delphi" (home of the Delphic oracle). Actress Delphine Seyrig bears this name.

Farrah (Arabic) means "joy." This name was made famous by actress Farrah Fawcett.

Keisha (American) means "dark-eyed." This name was made popular by actress Keisha Castle-Hughs, and basketball star, LaKeisha Taylor.

Minerva (Latin) means "bright" as well as "mind." In mythology, Minerva is the goddess of wisdom.

Tabitha (Aramaic) means "a gazelle." This name became popular through the television fantasy series, "Bewitched."

Zara (Hebrew) means "glorious dawn." Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips of Great Britain.

Most parents become very creative when it comes to naming their baby. They look for celebrity names, as well as names of heroes and heroines in literature and art. Most of all, they look for especially beautiful baby names and their meanings – just like the ones we have seen above.


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