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Pure English baby names have some qualities that make them unique, as they tend to be beautiful, special, and elegant with a deep and personal meaning at the same time. If you decide to choose an English baby name for your little boy or girl, you'll find that it's rather difficult to choose, as you'll have some great options to choose from.

Most of the names will have an Old English origin, so that is why almost all of them tend to sound pretentious and sophisticated. This could prove to be an advantage later on, as your boy or girl will surely be taken seriously, instead of being made fun of, if he or she would have a name with "Bully me" written all over it.

Here are some examples of English baby names that might convince you as a parent to go for one for your little bundle of joy. First up is Addison, a name that originates from Old English; it is a boy's name and it is closely related to 'Adam's son'. Abelard is also a sophisticated, meaningful English baby boy's name. The name originates from the Old and Middle English. The meaning of the name Abelard is 'resolute'.

Next up on our English baby names list is Edward, another boy's name. Edward (the name) originates from Old English and the meaning of Edward is 'guardian of prosperity'. Edward is also a resonating name in English history, as it was bore by many of the English Kings, the most noteworthy ones being Edward the Third and Fourth, which obtained numerous victories over the French in the Hundred Years War.

Another English name that originates from Old English is Garrik and it means 'one who governs with a spear'. A feisty name, no doubt.

But let's turn our attention to a few ladies' names as well. Skylar has controversial origins, as some suggest it might be Dutch, where others think it's of Breton origin. The same controversy sheds out different meanings for the name, some of the variations being 'eternal life', 'strength' or 'love and beauty'.

Another popular English baby name for girls is Kelsey. Kelsey is a name with an Old English origin and the meaning 'beautiful island'. Next on the list is a name with both Greek and Old English origins. Kirsten is a beautiful name with different meanings. To the English, the name means 'Christian' or 'stone church', whereas to the Greeks, Kirsten means 'Follower of Christ'.

There are several other English baby names out there that are beautiful and have a religious and historical meaning, but it all comes down to what the parents want for their baby. English people are used to naming their babies with their illustrated English names, but other people from different backgrounds or different cultures and different social and economic statuses may not be so comfortable using such fancy and sometimes elegant names. That's why most experts agree that it is important to have firm about what you want when choosing your baby's name.

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