Easy Tips to Follow When Toilet Training Your Toddler


Teaching your toddler the basics of toilet training should be a wonderful experience for parents and their child … because when it comes down to it knowing what to expect is a great advantage.

You can make this process enjoyable byraising and being positive towards your child during toilet training. This basically, helps your toddler to keep his / her interest …. be certain that your toddler is willing before starting because all your efforts will be useless. Generally toilet training can begin at 2 to 2 1/2 years old – it is really based on when your child shows potty readiness signs. Showing potty training readiness signs is an interest in the toilet in the bathroom.

Do not forget that your child is not the same as other toddlers – so how others may toilet train their child will be different from your methods. This will make it easier to notice readiness in your toddler.

When you begin to toilet train your toddler; try to spend a lot of time with him / her. This will make them happy and in return they would want to do the same to you – by going to the potty with no accidents and most importantly doing a good deed in the toilet or potty … being rewarded. There should not be any distractions or disturbance when training your toddler.

Self-control acts as a significant part when toilet training toddlers so, stay positive and remember that this is new to your toddler. Just have patience that is all that should be said.

Please purchase training pants that are soft & get a potty chair … make sure that you have a sturdy chair so your toddler feet are able to make contact with the floor comfortably. It is up to you on what to get for their toddler – if you have a toddler that is not afraid of being on the regular toilet; buy a detachable potty seat lid and get down to business.

All these points are great to keep in mind while toilet training toddlers. Make sure that you take your toddler with you when you go training pants shopping … this will help encourage them to learn all there is to know about the toilet and plus they will be wearing their favorite cartoon character. Cotton pants are they best type of training pants to use while potty training your toddler especially if your toddler does not like to be wet. The idea will help encourage them to go to the potty and not in their pants.

Give your toddler more fluids … this is will help them practice going to toilet without making any mistakes. Encouraging your toddler can assist your toddler to be trained those crucible toilet training skills, and, it will build his / her self esteem.

Now and again your toddler might not give you an idea about readiness signs or he or she might have stop having an interest in potty training so you might need to – simply back off. In another terms your toddler might not be mentally to be taught.

Plus, timing plays a very critical part in potty training toddlers. Sometimes you might have to carry your toddler to the toilet … because they do not have any control over their bowel movements.


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