Do You Want to Have a Baby Boy?


There is no real way of guaranteeing that as a couple trying for a child that they will have a baby boy. However, there are certain things that this couple can do which are totally natural that can increase the odds of them having the baby son they desire.

In fact more and more couples are no longer spending tens of thousands of dollars each year by undergoing medical treatment to achieve their dreams.

So what is it that you as a couple can do to help you achieve your goals of having a baby boy rather than a girl?

It is important that you first realize it is in fact the man's sperm that is actually going to be the thing that will determine whether the child you have is a boy or a girl. So you need to make sure that a greater number of the sperm carrying the male gene (Y Chromosome) is able to fertilize the eggs released from the woman's ovary first.

As these sperm swim significantly much faster than those carrying the female gene then making love close to when the eggs are released from the ovaries is crucial. Ideally a couple who are dreaming of having a baby boy should be making love no less than 24 hours before ovulation takes place. So it is worth the couple investing money in purchasing an ovulation prediction kit to allow them determine exactly when love making should occur.

Secondly when it comes to a couple wanting to have a baby boy they need to ensure that when making love the man's penis is able to penetrate deeply into the woman's cervix. This will again help to increase the chances of a larger number of the fast swimming sperm carrying the male gene reaching the eggs and fertilizing them first.


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